Living at The Hedgerows may feel like a different world…but that’s not to say you’re a million miles from civilisation. As well as local market towns such as Market Drayton and Whitchurch nearby, the bustling centres of Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent are both within easy reach.

Crewe, with its busy town centre and excellent express rail links (less than two hours from London), is only around 20 minutes’ drive, while the M6 motorway just a few miles away opens up the whole of the North-West including Manchester and Liverpool with their airports and picturesque Chester.

Enjoy getting closer to nature
One of the features of living here is the surrounding wildlife. At The Hedgerows we’re not only preserving natural habitats that have been here for centuries, but providing new ones. A new wildlife pond, nesting boxes and an impressive ‘wildlife tower’ all provide nesting and hibernation for birds, bats and amphibians; while space has deliberately been left along the boundary hedgerows to create a ‘corridor’ for their inhabitants. Making The Hedgerows a place where you can enjoy introducing your own family to families of newts, bats and wild birds.

Just a few of the species you may see…

Tawny Owl
Listen for its distinctive call after dark, when it’s out hunting

Pipistrelle Bat
Often seen swooping around at dusk feeding on tiny insects

Often seen hovering over verges and fields, keeping its head perfectly still while looking for food

Barn Owl
Can be seen night or day – look out for its familiar heart-shaped face

Great Crested Newt
A rare amphibian, the long wavy crest makes the male look like a mini dinosaur during the breeding season!

Particularly agile flyers, commonly seen swooping low in search of insects